Written by Kristin Spencer on March 28, 2023

Dan Goodwin has one of the most interesting business stories you can imagine, and I can't wait for you to hear it. In addition to having a transformative tale to tell, Dan is the founder of CYA Consulting and leverages 30-plus years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience for his clients. Dan’s corporate career spanned 19 …

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communication for business owners

Written by Kristin Spencer on March 7, 2023

Do you struggle endlessly with communication? Jennifer Furlong knows exactly how to help. Whether you’re tuning in as an individual looking to improve your communication or you want to set up your employees to win, this episode will give you the tools you need to change the way you communicate to be more effective. It’s …

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Geri Mariano discussing inclusivity for people with disabilities in the work place.

Written by Kristin Spencer on February 28, 2023

Business owners come from many different situations, and in this special episode, Geri Mariano, Inclusivity Specialist, discusses what the professional world looks like for her, a woman with Diastrophic Dwarfism/Dysplasia. Learn how you can be a better advocate for those in the disability community and discover the important perspectives they bring to the professional world. …

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Written by Kristin Spencer on February 21, 2023

When you help someone think through the steps of the method you’re teaching them—taking them straight to the why—you are setting them up to be able to respond in real-life situations instead of react. Preparation and practice create a familiarity in your brain so that when a troll pops up in the audience when you’re …

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Written by Kristin Spencer on February 14, 2023

You’ve heard so much about copywriting, but you still aren’t sure who needs it. I totally understand. Right now, we’re going to talk about Are you ready to be able to confidently say who needs copywriting and who doesn’t?And to find out how to create the one big sentence your business needs, head to https://literarysymmetry.com/

Written by Kristin Spencer on February 14, 2023

Are you tired of hearing about copywriting and how important it is, but not being sure what it means? Learn what form copy can take, what it should do, and who you need to write it as we explore the history of copy and what it looks like in the wild. Plus, learn the mental …

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