Empowered For Growth With Souligna Stone

Empowered For Growth With Souligna Stone

Written by Kristin Spencer on January 24, 2023

Do you ever think about how much better life would be if you could fully embody your true self both at home and at work?

Whether you’re a woman or someone who works with and wants to empower women, today’s episode is going to break down what it means to support women so they feel safe to be themselves while going after their professional goals.

Souligna Stone knows exactly how to take on this monumental-seeming task because she’s been there. And now she helps both women and employers all over the world create safe spaces for professional women so that they can embrace who they’ve always been on the inside.

To get in contact with Souligna, you can find her on her website


 or LinkedIn


And to find out how to create the one big sentence your business needs, head to https://literarysymmetry.com/

Are you tired of crazy fill-in-the-blank forms and avatar worksheets that don’t get you any closer to connecting with your ideal clients?

Don’t worry. With my proven and repeatable methods, I help business owners create consistent messaging by using their most powerful but also most underestimated resources: their personal stories.

My name is Kristin Spencer, and I’m the Lead Writer and Content Creator at Literary Symmetry, a copywriting and ghostwriting agency that I founded when I couldn’t find anyone else using the power of personal stories to help businesses grow and scale in by using authentic, empathy-powered tales.

Now, I spend my days working with amazing business owners who are finally connecting with their dream clients to use their expert skills to change the world for the better. Whether I’m helping them by creating messaging reports or sales pages, I help my clients see how amazing they are, one story at a time.

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